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Why You Should Work From Home

37478_are_you_ready_to_work__button_work_from_homeAs more businesses start to downsize and the Internet makes working from home ever more easy, many more would-be entrepreneurs have discovered the benefits of working from home and running their own business.

If like me you would like to get out of the rat race work from home, spend more time with your friends and family and have a better life working from home in a home-based business, this could well be the best thing for you to do

This website is designed for the would be entrepreneur in mind. Here we will discuss various businesses and franchises that you might want to consider when thinking of leaving your day to day grind and starting your own work from home or self employed business.

To get you started, here are  10 good reasons why you’re better off working from home.

1 Personal Freedom
If like me you have spent hours sitting in traffic waiting to get to and from work each day, one of  the biggest advantages in having your own home based business is the freedom to work when you want to work and stop whenever you want to.

So much time is spent driving to work every day. It is said that many workers spend 350 hours commuting to and from work every year, but now with your own home business you can get all those extra hours back to spend with family and friends. You get control of your own personal life, and in addition you can wear whatever you want to wear for work, and no office politics to contend with.

All you need is good discipline, time management skills, and the drive to get the job done and on schedule.

2. Get to keep all the money that you make.
This really means that you can make more money depending on how hard you work. The amount of money you can make is proportional to the work that you put in, so no need to wait for a raise just work more or work harder and produce more.

You are also saving money on petrol and food because you can prepare your own lunch at home which is more cost efficient and cheaper, and will give you a real good break from your office or work during the day

3. Better opportunities
Many large businesses and corporations are struggling these days, but by starting your own business, whether based at home or otherwise, you can seek new opportunities to make more income, and you are in control of your destiny.

You are no longer waiting for the axe to fall and be on the receiving end of redundancy or reduced hours. Get your business started and get up and running

4. Low Risk
Starting your business from home is relatively low risk, requiring much less capital to start. You will need more if you are buying a franchise or a brick and mortar business, but in either case, you are in control of the cash flow and are able to run on a shoe string to start by keeping outgoings low.

5. Don’t forget the tax
Running a business from home means that you are able to deduct part of your own homes expenses as a tax deduction, because you can claim against using part of the home as an office or workshop.

You can include a % of your local council taxes, insurance, heating and lighting and maintenance too.

6. Time with the family
If you have school age kids, this can be especially important. You are able to take them to school in the morning and collect again later if that is what you want to do. You are able to be much more flexible regarding work and leisure time.

Much easier to deal with sickness from school and holidays too.

7. The stress factor
You will feel much less stress and pull on your time when you are able to flexibly divide your time between home and work, kids and office. Set your own hours to suit.

8. Time to grow
As a self employed business owner you get to do more than just one job, such as marketing, sales, bookkeeper etc. This keeps things interesting and makes you much more skilled and in control.

9. More production.
Your increased time due to no more travelling to and from work or pointless business meetings mean that you can devote more time to meaningful tasks and developing your business.

10. Creativity
You will find that your creative side will flourish, and you may even start to make an income from hobbies and unique talents.

So, hopefully the above list will help you to decide that your own business is the way forward. With this website we will showcase various types of home based businesses that you can consider on your journey towards self employment

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