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Welcome to my "benefits of self employment website". After losing my job a couple of years ago, and faced with the prospect of unemployment, applying for various benefits and the stigma that goes along with that, I decided to go my own way, use the skills I had learned from my hobby or pastime, and start my own business.

The business was a handyman service. I had been buying houses for my wife and I to live in, but always something of a fixer upper! Then we would renovate, fix and mend, do whatever jobs we could and call in local trades for the rest. Then at some point, sell and move headshot

This worked well, and we now have a nice home built mainly with our sweat equity. Along the way I learned to do a lot of things that are difficult for many people. You will be surprised how many folks are unable to fit a curtain rail or blind, clean out the gutters or hang a mirror. There is a massive untapped market for these types of services, because the larger building companies aren't able to pull in these smaller jobs.

After 2 years of supplying this service to my own area, I thought I would try and inspire others to go their own way too, by highlighting the work from home jobs that are easy to start, and can make you a respectable income.

Please let me know if you have any ideas or suggestions for services that we can cover, and also let me know if this website has been of any help.