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S E Benefits

self-employed8 Top Reasons To Be Self Employed

1. Be your own boss.
Who hasn't dreamed about being their own boss, working at your own pace and earning more money. This is your big chance... grasp it and go for your dream.

2. Make more money
Self employed people on average are able to earn around 40% more than an employee. The reason is that you keep all the money, you are not supporting managers and sales staff. You will also pay less tax, as you are able to deduct expenses such as phones computers and travel.

3.Lower costs
Travel for example, you work from home, no train tickets and less on expensive petrol or diesel for vehicles.

4. Varied work
Instead of grinding away at the same task each day, as a self employed person you have a number of roles to fulfil, such as sales, invoicing and customer service, as well as the main core of your business. Yes these can be a challenge, but they also make the day pass quicker and make you feel fulfilled. You can alway outsource anything that you are unsure of, such as bookkeeping etc where required.

5. No rules
You can have the radio on at work, where what you like, start and finish when you like, it's your business, you make the rules.

6. The best equipment
No need to put up with sub standard equipment or materials, asking permission to order something that is needed to get the job done properly. If you need a new computer, order it, as long as you have the funds available, you can get the best materials for the job, and do the job right first time.

7. More flexibility
Do you want to see the kids in the school play, or on the soccer field? Do it, you can be flexible with your work hours. Work in the evenings to catch up on office work, so you can be with the kids in the afternoon. The flexibility you have is such a release.

8. Work with the best.
No more working with difficult customers. If someone is giving you grief, cut them loose, spend the time marketing for better customers that pay more and are grateful for your experience and time.

And finally..

Sometimes it gets a little stressful, not enough hours in the day, or not enough business, but remember, self employment is an amazing opportunity, and once tasted, it is difficult to go back to an employed permission. Be grateful and enjoy your life.

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  • Good info... thanx Dave C 02/18/2016