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new website imageOh no I hear you say! Thats going to be expensive! You know you need one, but you try to ignore it, you don't know where to start, or maybe you think about asking a younger relative or friend to make one for you. Maybe you ask a web design business for prices, and it is going to cost hundreds or more.

Think again. Things have changed. Websites don't need to be expensive any more. As a new business, all you need is a nice clean looking website that tells your prospective customers what you do, gives them your contact details, maybe shows them some pictures of work you have done before, possibly links to you facebook twitter or linkedin pages. And that's it. And the good news is, you can do it yourself, for next to nothing too.

I am writing this blog on wordpress, and it's really easy, but to start I would recommend one of the big online companies, and the one I really like is Wix. It is so simple, the websites look great, you can use their domain name if you like, (so your domain would be something like or you can go to or, buy your own domain for about £8 or $12, (so it would be - no mention of wix).

Wix has great tutorials, there is nothing to it, or you could ask a younger relative to do it for you, and using Wix means that they don't need any prior website building knowledge. Take a look at their website here

I have also included their video below so you can get an idea of how it works, then once your site is ready, you can add the website address to your business cards and advertising. Potential customers like to check you out, it is just like having a shop window to display your goods or service, and you will get a proper business email address too, such as It looks so much more professional than a gmail or yahoo address.

So go on.. get started on your own business website. You will wonder how you ever got on without one.