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dog walking ladyI was just sitting down to do some work and answer some questions on this blog when I saw a young woman walking buy with 8 dogs. 8 dogs! I thought that a person must be crazy to own 8 dogs, but then the penny dropped....she must be a dog walker!

Now that's something that I had never thought about, but it would be perfect for somebody that loves dogs, that has a few hours to spare in a day, and wants to keep fit at the same time.

So I did some research, and it seems that you can charge up to $25, or around £18 per hour to walk a dog. So do the math, that lady was working for around $200 per hour. More than her vet probably.

This was just an off the cuff post, but it looks like this would be a good business to explore further. There is an association where you can get more information, it is the National Associaton Of Pet Sitters, and there is probably an equivalent in most countries, so that may be the first place to start.

I also found this video, which has plenty of info to get you started... happy walking!